USA Aircraft Brokers Testimonials

Richard F

Referral Agent
I am in receipt of USA Aircraft Brokers Check #3094, in the amount of $692.50. I am so grateful for your generous sharing of the bounty. I am encouraged and will redouble my efforts to develop our local market. Thank you!

Cindy G

Area Broker
Everyday I look forward to what’s going to happen and who am I going to meet today. This opportunity had fallen in my lap and I am glad I didn’t pass it up! USA Aircraft Brokers, Inc. has given me the support I need to learn this Business, which has helped me find 7 of my FBO agents, guided me in the sales of my aircrafts, along with the several listings I have. There are few Women Brokers out there and I hope to open the door for others. This is the Best job I’ve ever had!

Dwight A

Referral Agent
Thanks to you I made my first aircraft referral commission of $2,350.00 in less than two minutes work! True to your word, I received a check for 10% of the gross commission. It has been a pleasure to work with USA Aircraft Brokers and I recommend USA Aircraft Brokers to anyone wanting to buy or sell an aircraft.

Jerry F

Referral Agent
I recently referred an aircraft for sale and received a nice check for $1125 for taking the listing and pictures of the plane. I also assist in delivery of aircraft as a ferry pilot. I enjoy the opportunity to meet fellow pilots and assist them in marketing their aircraft. If you need an aircraft delivered, or ferried for inspection by a prospective buyer, please give me the opportunity to assist in the sale.

Andrea P

Area Broker
I am an area broker and I just wanted to say the broker training was a unique experience. I learned everything I needed to know in order to sell an aircraft. This business is unique and exciting and Keith will prepare you to be an excellent broker... and he makes it fun as well! The mailers went out and prospective customers started calling right away. Very exciting!

Andy S

Area Broker
USA Aircraft Brokers, Inc. has provided me the platform to build a very profitable business with very little overhead. That is a huge opportunity in today’s economy! In a short few months, Keith has guided me through obtaining 8 listings and already selling 4 airplanes. He provided me the tools to sell one airplane for a $21,000 commission! Keith thanks again for all of your help and over 20 years of experience in the aircraft brokerage business!

Captain Jim S

Referral Agent/Pilot
I have been with USA aircraft for about two years and I have to tell you that, it has opened a wide window of opportunity for me, not only I have made money with it, I have learned a lot and met some good people. The first airplane that I sold was a Lockheed L1011 which was by a bank and they had such difficult time trying to sell it, Keith and I together worked on it and auctioned the aircraft for them and at the end they were very pleased. You can do as little or as much as you desire to do!

Chris M

Referral Agent
USA Aircraft Brokers:

I do aircraft maintenance work for a local flight school. I was informed that one of the students at the school was looking for a Piper 6XT. We looked at a few aircraft scattered around the U.S. but had no luck finding the right airplane for him. After getting in touch with our local USA Aircraft Broker, we found the perfect aircraft! The deal was completed within a few days and I was handed a check for $1725.00. The easiest money I have EVER made, and anyone can do it!

Duane W

Referral Agent

Attached is a photo of one good looking son-of-a-gun. And the guy in the picture ain’t bad either.

I recommend becoming a USA Aircraft Area Broker . As a USA Aircraft Broker I have sold a number of aircrafts including one single commission of over $30,700.00. Keith Latour ,USA Aircraft Brokers will train you to do the same and become part of the largest network of aircraft brokers in the US.

Jack H.

USA Aircraft Broker Client
I just want to say that Chris and USA Aircraft Brokers did a great professional job of listing the aircraft. I was completely satisfied with his effort, and if ever the occasion should arise again, he will be the person I call.