2018 Softex Aero V-24I "The Flying Dream" (New)

2018 Softex Aero V-24I "The Flying Dream" (New)
Price: $ 390,000.00
Year: 2018
Serial: N/A
Registration: N/A
Ad Type: For Sale
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Type: Available
Summary The 2018 Softex Aero V24-I "The Flying Dream" is a new plane of generation. It is two-engine light plane designed by Softex Invest Aero especially for customers who appreciate safety and comfort, in combination with high flight characteristics with modern technology. Engineers were involved in the designing of this plane, and also research-pilots who understand needs of modern aviators better than others. The plane was created based on the latest research in the aviation industry and flight safety systems.
Airframe Details: -4 seats
-two propellers with variable pitch
-hydraulic station with hydraulic system
-landing gear
-electric control system flaps and trims
-ventilation system
-fuel capacity 68.7gallons (Average cruising speed of V24 with two engines Rotax
912ULS is 140 knots. SOFTEX V24 is able to perform nonstop flight with four passengers on aboard for a distance up to 702 nautical miles and suitable for medium haul distances)
-useful load 1080 lbs
Engine Detail -Two 100hp ROTAX-912S3 engines
(These engines may use both, automobile with octane grade 95), which in combination with two-blade swept, auto feather pusher propellers MT Propeller with changeable pitch in flight makes a great impression. They are powerful and low-consumption at the same time.)
-Coming soon to USA Aircraft Brokers, the V-24"L" will feature a Lycoming engine!
Avionics State of the art avionics:
-DYNON D1000 / D1000T

Additional options:
-Second pilot instrument board
-Two-channel autopilot
-VIP interior (leather, armrest for the back passengers, lightning, sound proofing)
-Cabin heating system
-BRS rescue system
-Exclusive exterior color and design
-Complex for instrumental flight
Exterior -Personally customizable any color
Interior: -Personally customizable cloth or leather interior in any color
Maintenance: (Not Available)
Addition Features, Equipment or Comments -These aircraft would be categorized by the FAA in the USA as experimental twin engines as first introduced at Sun N' Fun in 2017.

-In October 2014 the V-24 aircraft was certified with two Rotax 912 ULS engines. Currently, work is underway to obtain the certification in France, USA, Germany, and signed a number of agreements with European partners about the beginning of certification procedures in other EU countries.

-USA Aircraft Brokes is the exclusive partner of Softex Aero as dealer for the the entire USA, however we can sell to you anywhere in the world!
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